About Us


With almost two billion people worldwide, Muslims make up nearly 25% of the global population. While American Muslims make up only 1% of the USA population (3.3 million), they are a fast-growing group that strives to excel, live and build opportunity in their diverse communities.

We at Muslim Bazaar are excited to serve this vibrant population. We seek to respond to these unique needs by creating special application software/website to aid Muslims to carry out their transactions.

Company Overview

We are a classified marketplace exclusively intended to facilitate the global Muslim community’s desire to buy and sell their commodities. We facilitate these transactions via the web platform and smart phone application software.

Muslims have a unique style and choice that spans attire, household items and personal products. Existing online sites do not cater adequately to these specific needs. As a Muslim American, I feel the need to develop and launch an application software/website that is primarily intended to cater to these unique needs.

Muslim Bazaar will offer the avenue of choice because it is user friendly and safe for those who wish to buy or sell online, locally and internationally. There are no frills, no tactics and best of all no worry over the hit-or-miss websites out there that are a waste of time and opportunity.

How it Works

Anyone intending to either buy or sell a commodity or service is simply required to log on to our website or mobile app. They are then required to create an account from where they may post, search, or order the desired item.

Service Portfolio

With our website or mobile phone app, you can:

  • Post any items or services online in a matter of seconds.
  • Get to know of any goods or services that are on sale in your immediate area or within a specified geographic radius.
  • Communicate with buyers or sellers via the secure messaging feature.
  • Find the right product through a simple platform, directly from the comfort of your tablet, phone, or personal computer.
  • Browse thousands of daily new postings of both local and international goods and services on sale.
  • Sort items by image, price (high or low), location, or category.
  • Obtain great deals on clothes, furniture, décor, cell phones, electronics, baby and kid’s items, games, cars, bikes, jewelry, antiques, rentals, services, businesses for sale and so much more.

What makes us different …

We are indeed the best online trade and services platform for Muslims worldwide due to the facts that:

  • We bring together all Muslims globally, irrespective of their location/place of residence. You, the valued client, is spared of unnecessary waste of time while looking for the commodity or service of choice.
  • All our services, as well as all products, are specifically intended for Muslims. This saves you, the prospective client, plenty of time while finding the right merchandise.
  • We are by far better than a garage sale because our website/mobile app is packed with more features than any other classified online retailer.
  • The activities of ordering, selling, or posting items on our site are greatly simplified. All that is required of you is just one click, and you are done!
  • We greatly expedite the exchange of goods and services, as well as the communications between the clients and the sellers. By opting to source your goods via our platform, you save greatly on time and effort.

Call for Action

If you are a Muslim who would wish to leverage the benefits of our services, why not get started today? All you need is to access our site: https://muslimbazaar.com/ and create an account or download the app “Muslimbazaar” on your phone/tablet. We look forward to facilitating your transaction today!